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(Sire: FC/AFC Fox Hollows Cut N' Run  "Paco"
Dam:  Castlebay Rainy River Annie)

Just wanted to send you a picture of "Huck". Can't tell you how pleased we are with this puppy. He has tons of drive, very intelligent, and wants to please.  Thanks again for providing such a great puppy.   Nalton Thompson


(Sire:  FC/AFC Fox Hollows Cut N' Run   "Paco"
Dam:  Castlebay Rainy River Annie)

I just thought I would take a minute and tell you how pleased I  am with my dog. This is White Oaks Power Stroke Diesel on his first birthday. He is a strong and healthy 98 lbs.  I can't say enough about this dog, he has already proven to me what a great dog he will be. He is out of Paco and Annie.  He has 56 ducks under his belt in limited action this year. His training is coming along great. He will be in his first hunt test in March and I expect him to do well. I want to thank you for a great breeding, and a awesome dog. I have recommended W.O.R.K. to many people.    Dustin Hale

(FC/AFC Lefty x Ready litter 2003)

Gunner's littermate "Player" is a very competitive field trial dog that had Derby points and is now running & placing in the Qualifying

Emmy's Justin Tyme
(Buddy x Nicky litter 1999)

Just thought you might be interested in what one of your pups is doing now. I had her titled JH a few years ago, she is now a hunting nut, cant keep her mind on anything else. This is a picture of her with some hunting buddies. You might recognize some of the people. You might know Bill Eckett and Will Wilbanks, Emmy is the one on the left next to me with the yellow gloves. Anyway, thought you might be interested and she is a great hunting partner! Thank you for the breeding, best dog I have ever owned.  Matt

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Thank you so much for helping  make our family complete again! Our house was too empty after the loss of our boxer. Coal has filled a void and has made himself right at home as you can see by the pictures. Gary wants to bring him for a visit once he is a little older. He went to the vet this morning and has a clean bill of health. Thanks again. Lori

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HRCH at 19 months!  After realizing that he did have the ability, but lacked the maturity at 12 months, we made another run at it recently.  The results were amazing.  He really made it look easy- and good for you- everyone we came into contact with wanted to know who he was "out of".



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