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White Oak Retriever Kennels - Facilities

The facilities at the kennel are setup for the amateur training of  Field Trial Retrievers and to optimize their training & experience. We have over 60 acres dedicated to wetland and upland habitat to insure that our starter dogs, trained at White Oak, are exposed to conditions that are challenging as well as fully simulate the hunting and field trial environments. This way our starter dogs are sure to be ready for whatever level of training comes next. From a Derby level dog to a AFC or  NFC level competitor, all dogs are put through their paces on this challenging terrain.

Islands, raised casting mounds and varying levels of brush and crop insure that dogs are confronted with all of the "real world" conditions of field trials and hunting. 




is the name of the game and the game begins 



Our kennels offer a clean comfortable place to breed, whelp, birth and raise our puppies.


The main kennel building below is the hub of activity.



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